Regional Development Council of Jönköping County

The vision of Jönköping County: “To be the natural center for creative people. To be an accessible region for visitors, employees and residents who seek a facilitative and progressive environment."

Vision, goals and tasks
In today’s society, while cooperation has increased between countries, regions, cities and places, so has competition. We all want to attract people’s attention and we compete for attention and influence on markets, investments
and businesses, but also for visitors, residents, creativity and skills. It is of great importance for regions to highlight their strengths and to coordinate policies, strategies and programs affecting regional development. Regions must also encourage engagement on a global level.

The Regional Development Council is the political forum for collaboration and regional development in Jönköping County. The County Council and the county’s 13 municipalities work together within the Regional Development Council, which means the political and local influence over development of the region is strong.

Building regional power requires coordination with everyone working toward the same goal. It requires political will and strong input from many stakeholders and it is the task of the Regional Development Council to be the engine in this process.

The Regional Development Council has been commissioned by the Swedish government with capitalizing on the region’s potential and promoting sustainable development and growth. On behalf of our members, it is our mission to bring the region together to support and drive development efforts towards the goal of a more efficient, open and thriving county.

Regional development issues are of utmost importance. Among the issues are decisions concerning infrastructure, employment and in-service training as well as initiatives in trade and industry development, culture and globalization. The regional level of government is also important in encouraging collaboration between companies, research and the public sector in order to promote innovations and employment.

The most vital purpose of working with development issues in Jönköping County is to promote sustainable development and growth. This, in turn, means increased power of attraction, competition and employment that create the best possible conditions for the inhabitants of the county to live a good life.

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